How to Make Your First $1000 investing in Stocks


I have come to have a better understanding of the market, I am capable to become a successful trader.

I have learned the way the market moves and how to approach and take advantage of those moves, certainly with more experience will come better moves and in time more profits.

In essence the possibilities are limitless once I become a consistently profitable trader.

Dr. Wilmer Loja

I’m now making $700-$1200/ Day.

It took me 8 Months of studying and mentoring with Thembi. It wasn’t easy, but Thembi Pushed me, she never gave up on me, she sent me emails, called me and encouraged me to believe in myself. I’m happy to say, I’m now a successful trader and I’m in control of my financial future.

Gilbert Mwenedata

Being Mentored by Thembi Was The Best Decision of My Life

Thembi and Busi! Thank you very much for showing me the way to financial freedom and peace of mind.Your stock market investing methods are absolutely outstanding.

Tony Gayer

This program keeps you upbeat and positive, not just focusing on technical analysis in the market, but also your mindset.

Since joining the program I’m now confident I can be a professional trader. I feel that, even though I am a beginner trader, I have so much more knowledge and understanding then the average person in the stock market. The program has helped  me tremendously with my organization and study skills.

Ernest Curry

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you for the education you have given me on trading in the stock market.

I was completely lost in the market until you were nice enough to take me in as one of your students and I learned much more about the stock market than I ever thought possible from your classes. And by doing so my passion and enthusiasm has grown week by week as you taught me the ways to trade the market


Bob Zientek

At this point I am confident I can invest and know I am picking a good trade.

I want to personally thank Thembi Buthelezi for taking the time to give me and the rest of her students the understanding of the big bad stock market. This understanding is the beginning of a profitable trading career for me.

John F. Nephew

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How to Make Your First $1000 investing in Stocks

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