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How to Make Your First $1000 investing in Stocks

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thembi-Speaking-img Thembi Buthelezi has spent the past 14 years as a forex and stock market trader and knows firsthand why 80% of all beginner investors crash and burn. Most beginner investors are after the Holy Grail, quick profits and get rich quick investing strategies while ignoring the fundamentals of successful investing. Thembi went bust within the first 3 years of her trading career and through those challenges learned the importance of personal trading psychology and a solid trading system, which she now uses as a basis for all teachings, coaching programs and stock market educational content. Thembi Buthelezi grew up in a 1-car garage in Soweto, South Africa. She moved to the U.S in 2002 to attend college, by age 25 she was working for a Hedge Fund in New York City and by age 27 she had retired Thembi will share the solutions that helped her and hundreds of her clients overcome their dysfunctional (love and hate) relationship with the financial markets, become astute traders and express their full financial potential.

Speaking Topics: For Keynotes, Conferences and Workshops

check-mark 3 reasons why a woman’s brain is hard-wired to be a better investor.

check-mark How to trick your brain to believe you can invest like Warren Buffet.

check-mark 5 Powerful steps to a successful trade: If you miss a step, your trades will fail 60% of the time.

check-mark The secret to easily managing your stock portfolio (it’s so simple a 6th grader can do it).

check-mark 1 Simple way brokers eliminate fear when choosing stocks and how you can too.

check-mark 80% of losing traders only focus on a trading system; successful traders know the power of a solid system and their trading mindset.

About Thembi:

Thembi works as a Stock Market Investing Strategist and is the co-founder of the Stock Market for Beginners School. She helps beginner stock market investors develop a healthier relationship with their money, formulate a successful trading plan and create a personal trading mindset that carries them through good and bad trading seasons.



From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you for the education you have given me on trading in the stock market.

I was completely lost in the market until you were nice enough to take me in as one of your students and I learned much more about the stock market than I ever thought possible from your classes. And by doing so my passion and enthusiasm has grown week by week as you taught me the ways to trade the market.

Bob Zientek

I have come to have a better understanding of the market, I am capable to become a successful trader.

I have learned the way the market moves and how to approach and take advantage of those moves, certainly with more experience will come better moves and in time more profits. In essence the possibilities are limitless once I become a consistently profitable trader.

Dr. Wilmer Loja

Being Mentored by Thembi Was The Best Decision of My Life

Thembi and Busi! Thank you very much for showing me the way to financial freedom and peace of mind.Your stock market investing methods are absolutely outstanding.

Tony Gayer

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How to Make Your

First $1000 investing

in Stocks