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Hi, I’m Thembi Buthelezi

I work with people who would rather poke their eyeballs out with chopsticks instead of talking about money because they are riddled with financial anxiety disorders.

I remind them that successful wealth building has more to do with self-confidence and a dash of financial literacy.

When I’m not teaching people how to fall in love with their money, while helping them build their investing confidence, I’m enjoying a glass of Armand De Brigna “ Ace of Spades” Rose and savoring a decadent plate of Escargots à la Bourguignonne

Thembi is available by telephone, via satellite, and occasionally in studio.

Her press release and list of sample interview questions follow below. If you’d like a copy of her book and a complete press kit, please call 702-982-8874 (media only).

I’ve spent 14+ years in the trenches perfecting my stock market investing strategies. I retired at the age of 27 because 70 hour work weeks at a hedge fund were not my idea of a rich lifestyle.

I’ve spent the past 5 years as a stock market investing strategist, investing mindset coach and financial literacy advocate to hundreds of students through my video lessons and mentoring programs.I’ve worked with hundreds of students in various industries.

Doctors, fortune 500 executives, small business owners, graphic designers, architects, sales professionals all have a common goal, they want to retire rich. All I do is take what I learned on Wall Street and I help them get there by developing their investing cojones. No “get rich quick” schemes, no penny stocks trading strategies, no wishing or hoping, just simple hard work and a proven strategy that encompasses the Psychology of Wealth and astute investing.

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Busi Buthelezi’s Bio

BUSI-thumb-pic1Busi is as an investing confidence coach for people who crave anxiety free solutions to money and investing.

A 7 year Forex and Stock Market veteran, Busi her authentic, witty and experience driven coaching style, she’s here to show you how to do away with the financial anxiety barriers that hold you back and how to use the skills and talents that you already have to retire rich.

And when she’s not teaching beginner investors how to use simple and repeatable stock investing strategies, you can find her having animated and laughter filled conversations with loved ones while savoring a delicious Willamette valley pinot noir.

Transform you investing anxiety into Warren Buffet confidence.

Hi, my name is Busi.

I work with individuals who are captivated by the stock market but are not sure how to turn their interest into profit.

I give them the tools to turn investing anxiety into Warren Buffet confidence.

As an independent forex and stock market trader, with 7+ years of practice, I’ve experienced firsthand the perils that await the under educated and ill prepared investor.

Over the past 3 years I have worked with beginner investors via the Stock Market for beginners School flagship mentoring program, providing simple, no fluff and actionable stock investing strategies.

I believe that financial anxiety can be eradicated through effective financial education and the fostering of supportive financial mindsets,

It is my mission is to continue to bring genuinely uncomplicated and valuable investing strategy to the individual who knows that with the right training and support, their ideal financial future is possible.

And when I’m not working with super beginner investors, you can find me at my training for my next marathon, planning my next travel adventure or binge watching House of Cards.

If you absolutely must know more about me, keep reading…

  • I’m a bona fide talker. I love people and nothing gives me more joy than a great belly laugh filled conversation.
  • I was born and raised in sunny South Africa.
  • I am a terrified cyclist, if I had to pick between cycling or running 30 miles, I’d pick running.
  • I geek out on new computer software and code.
  • I am a savvy online shopper. Clothes, shoes, furniture and essential oils. Hearing the thud of a brand new package outside the door makes me giddy.
  • I am a devout yogi. I’ve been practicing for over a decade and when I grow up, I want to be Gurmukh.
  • A good book can keep me up all night. “Good” is completely subjective. Trashy novels and autobiographies included.
  • Instagram is my Vogue.
  • Discovering new restaurants is a legitimate and one of my favorite past times. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.
  • In my next lifetime, I will be the most graceful ballerina.

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How to Make Your First $1000 investing in Stocks