A Beginners Guide to Shorting The Stock Market
"Wall Street doesn't want you to know that they make a lot of money during stock market corrections, in this 2 hour workshop you are going to learn how to trade like Wall Street Traders"



  • Saturday, 25th October
  • 9 am EST
  • 6 am PST
  • 8 am CST

Here's what you can expect to learn during this 2 hour workshop

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the workshop happening?

The workshop is happening on Saturday, the 25th of October 2014 at 9am EST. The webinar will be 2 hours long with a short break in-between. All you need to do is register, login, have your tea and note book in hand and get ready to learn how to build wealth and protect yourself from bearish market.

How much will the workshop cost?

The cost for the workshop is $147. This includes the live training and the on demand workshop access after the webinar.

What if I have prior engagements this Saturday and can’t attend?

I would highly encourage you to be on the live call. I’m going to be taking questions towards the end of the webinar. However, if you can’t attend the webinar, you can make your payment and within 72 hours of the live recording, you will get access to the on demand version of the workshop. You will get a username and password to our private membership site where the recordings will be hosted and you can watch the videos at your convenience.

My broker trades my retirement account, I don’t know how to place trades will you help me?

Whether you trade your own account or you have someone trading your account for you, this is a great course because I will teach you how to understand stock market charts. When you understand charts, when you understand how to interpret the language of the market, no one will influence your decisions. You will be able to make investing decisions from sound data that even Wall Street professionals rely on. No more guess whether the stock will rise, or carry on falling, you will know with absolute certainty.

Is there a guarantee or refund policy?

We at Stock Market For Beginners School, stand by our work. No questions asked. Our intention is to help you make money. So within the first hour of the workshop you can opt out. All you need to do is send us an email, and we will refund your whole payment within 48 hours and remove you from the webinar. No worries. In the 4 years of doing business we have  had1 person ask for a refund without even watching our course, beginner investors love our training,programs and private coaching.

I’m a beginner, I don’t understand the concept of shorting stocks, will you help me grasp the concept?

That is exactly what we are going to cover as our ground work before I teach you how to short stocks. There is no use in me teaching the steps and the formulas I use to get 70% accuracy in all my trades before you understand what the concept of shorting is and how professional traders use it to make money. During the workshop, I will help you understand the terminology used in the stock market and help you implement the concepts so that you can make money immediately.

After the workshop, can I place my first trade?

I don’t see why NOT. If you are serious about learning how to make money shorting stocks, I expect you to implement what you learn during the webinar. During the course of the workshop, I will give you handouts, checklists and specific steps to follow so you can immediately start shorting stocks. The whole stock shorting system will be a paint by numbers process, I will eliminate the guess work and give you the exact formula to follow.

I’m scared of shorting stocks because of the risk involved, will you teach me how to minimize the risk?

Novice investors think shorting stocks is much riskier than going long, yes this can be the case if you trade without an insurance policy. Now, don’t worry, you don’t have to go out and buy an insurance policy, during the webinar I will teach you how to measure the risk involved in your short trade and also how to protect yourself from the risk.

How will I get access to the workshop on Saturday?

The workshop will be hosted through a live gotowebinar session. If you have never used gotowebinar, no worries, we will send you all the login details along with the password to attend the webinar on Saturday. Once we receive your payment, you will immediately receive your webinar registration details. All you need to do is register for the webinar and show up on Saturday the 25th of October 2014 at 9am EST.