Online Stock Trading For Beginner Investors

Beginner Trader

Sure, I’ve heard about the stock market, and I was doing some research on the internet when I found this website. I am very interested in the stock market but I’ve never placed a trade. I’m not sure, exactly what a bullish trend means, but I want to start learning about the stock market.

Intermediate Trader

I think I understand the basics of the stock market. I am a part time investor with some stock market education. I’ve been dabbling in the stock market for a few months. Some of my trades are winners, most are losers.  How can I be sure that I am doing the right thing?

Advanced Trader

I have taken some online stock trading courses. I have experienced some success but my winning trades do not make enough money to live on.  I want to move to the next level in my trading. How do I quit my 9-5 job and live the trading lifestyle?

beginner intermediate advanced

Let Me Show You How to Become a Successful Stock Market Investor


online stock trading secrets

Warning: You shouldn’t even think of online stock trading or investing in the stock market until you go through the content on this website.


  • Have you bought a stock because you were told it was a bargain or because you thought it was “cheap” only to see the price continue to drop?
  • Have you felt the stress of trying to “time the market?”
  • Do you know the frustration of watching your investment account get smaller and smaller as the stock market drops?
  • Do you feel trapped by a stock whose price is continuing to drop? Do you pray and hope that the stock’s price will “comes back” because you’ve lost so much money and promise that you’ll get out as soon as it does?
  • Have you felt the embarrassment of attending a seminar or and not having a clue what all the stock market terms mean? Why does it sound like Chinese?
  • If you’re asking yourself, why your stock is going down even when the market is going up, you’ve come to the right place.

Something is being hidden from you, and you’re about to learn the truth.

For years,  aspiring investors and traders like you have watched CNBC, subscribed to countless newsletters and read the Wall Street Journal, but even with all this “information” you’re still as confused as a chameleon in a bag of Skittles. Know the feeling?

When I started online stock trading, I felt like a fish in the dish washer. I was going round and round in circles. I was buying countless books, watching every guru on TV, hoping to get a slither of valuable information to use for my next trade. Instead of valuable content what I  received was a bag of:

1. Outdated, useless tips and tricks that helped me lose more money

2. Lots of penny stock buy tips, that ended up making me feel like I was a character in the movie ” Boiler Room”

3. Investing strategies where I was holding onto a stock too long and not cashing out in time to minimize my losses

After 6 months of shame, humiliation and feeling like a loser because I had lost  my hard earned money, I knew I had to do something fast. I started going to the New York City Library so I could teach myself how to trade. I would check out 20-30 books at a time. I would sit at the library for 25-30 hours a week, reading, taking notes and compiling my current online stock trading system. My obsession with the New York City Library lasted 2 years. Every Monday after my library study cram session, I would implement everything that I read in the market.

Some of the strategies worked, some completely bombed. I began taking note of the strategies that worked for me over and over and I put these in a  “This Strategy Works Box” and the other not so good or consistent strategies, I put in the “This Strategy Is A Money Guzzler Box”.  After months of hard work, I began to consistently and successfully make money from my   “This Strategy Works Box.”  I was a beginner trader, I couldn’t afford to use fancy strategies, I just wanted a simple online stock trading system, which was comprehensive and easy to understand and implement.

Years after I had left Wall Street to became an independent trader, I realized that no one teaches beginner investors how to invest and trade in the stock market without the hype, fancy language and terminology. Nobody gives beginner investors a step by step, paint by numbers formula for maximizing their gains in the stock market while minimizing their loses.

It’s easy to learn how to successfully invest and trade the stock market. Wall Street makes it sound difficult so you can feel like you’re not smart enough to do it yourself. There is a secret formula that if utilized correctly, you’ll know exactly how to:

1. Buy a stock for maximum gains

2. Put profits in your bank account

3. Protect yourself and your investment in case the stock doesn’t work