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Day Trading and Swing Trading: Do Day Traders Make More Money Than Swing Traders?

Today’s question is: Do Day Traders Make More Money Than Swing Traders? Let me answer it this way: it depends if they have mastered their skill. You can be a day trader and make an obnoxious amount of money. You can also be a swing trader, an intermediate or a long-term trader and make an obnoxious amount of money. It doesn’t matter because it’s not about the timeframe that you are trading. It’s also about you. When I started trading, I would scream at the market and at my monitor. But the problem was not with the stock; it was me. I didn’t understand what the stock wanted to do so I got chopped up. Nobody makes more money than anybody else unless you’ve mastered your skill. The Advantage and Disadvantage of Day Trading: 1. Day traders can easily go in and out of trades over and over again for small gains with big share size. Sometimes, as a day trader, I can go into a trade with big size but I’m only looking to get 30-50 cents. And since I have  huge share size, if I get 50 cents per share, it could amount to a lot of money. With swing trading, I’m not sure if you can trade big share size and not have sleepless nights. With day trading, you can get in and out of the market by the end of the day and take advantage of small gains that accumulate at the end of the day. However, day traders pay hefty commissions compared to swing traders. Get a good day trading education if you’re interested... read more

Risk Management Definition: How Many Failed Trades Before I Should Call It A Day?

Today’s question is: How many failed trades before I should call it a day? I guess this trader is a day trader. I think a lot of day traders have an issue with calling it quits. I know that I had that problem. I would trade until my eyes were sore. This is especially true when I lost money in the first 30 minutes of my trading day; it was a disaster after that. I would try to get back the money  I lost in the first 30 minutes or the first hour of the trading day. I would find myself in like a hundred trades that day. Also, probably 70% of those trades were just bad trades; they were desperate trades. They were not well thought-out trades. You can’t really put a number on it. It depends on the following: 1. How much capital you have in your trading account If you have a $2,000 trading account, you can’t be a day trader. If you have a $30,000 trading account, you can be a day trader but with a $30,000 trading account, depending on the amount of shares that you’re trading, you might lose $5,000 and then you’re done day trading. So again, it really depends. You can’t say a specific number, say 3 trades and then you’re out. My coach once said, after 3 losing trades as a day trader, step away from your computer because you clearly don’t know what you’re doing at that moment. It was really harsh but it was true. 2. What does your trading plan say you should do If you don’t... read more

Shorting Stocks: I Want To Start Shorting But I’m Scared. Can You Help Me?

Today’s question is: I want to start shorting but I’m scared. Can you help me? I love shorting stocks so much that even in a bull market, you’ll find me shorting stocks. I’m really good at shorting stocks. I think that one of my strengths as a trader is finding those perfect stocks to short. I don’t have the patience to stay in a long position. In a short position, I know that stocks fall quicker than they rise so I usually make money quicker when I’m shorting. That is my strength but that is also my weakness because sometimes when the market is bullish, I don’t really take full advantage of the bullish moves because I’m always looking for stocks to short. Shorting stocks is so fun. Don’t be scared. A lot of investors, especially beginner investors, come into the market with a pre-conceived notion that you can’t short stocks; that it’s not very American to short stocks; that it’s not very patriotic to short stocks. But seriously, this is Wall Street. It’s not about being patriotic or being lovely-dovey with the stocks. It’s all business. If the stock is weak, short it. Remember that you’re in the market to make money. You’re not in the market to fall inlove with the company. For example, I love Apple products. However, when Apple stock is falling, I’ll short Apple. I don’t care because I need to make money as a trader. So whatever is falling, I’ll short it. Shorting stocks is no different to going long. So long as you have your probabilities right, you’ll make money. As you... read more

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